David Berruezo

Full Stack Php Developer

I’ve a big experience as a Php programmer several native php codes with 4.0, 5.0 , 6.0, 7.0 and cms Prestashop, Wordpress knowledge and plenty domain of object orientation and design patterns. Analytic person, methodic, sociable and resolution with eager to learn and face new challenges. My professional goal is belong to a business where I can develop all my skills to get business objectives, to overcome every day on a personal and professional level.

Work Experiences

Noves Idees

Full Stack Php Developer
2015 - Actual

I worked in a three ecommerce projects:

Resume all applications:

  • Contact person: Francesc Destrees
  • CEO
  • Phone Number: 649 39 16 46
  • Website Contact: Noves idees ADR

  • Contact person: Bernat Altimir
  • CTO
  • Phone Number: 611 46 28 45
  • Website Contact: Noves idees ADR


Full Stack Php Developer
2012 - 2014

I made several projects in different kind of php technologies as prestashop cms, wordpress cms, zend framework 2, mysql, linux ubuntu, css3, javascript, javascript jquery, bootstrap, open source projects.

  • Contact person: David Berruezo
  • Partner
  • Phone Number: 615 23 15 33
  • Website Contact: http://www.ecommercebarcelona360.com/


Web Developer
2008 - 2011

Change all intranets and all private applications from php 4.0 to Zend Framwork 2. I used several classes of Zend Framework 2 as Abstract action controller (Zend Mvc),ViewModel (Zend View),Service Manager,Abstract Factory, Factory , Zend Autentication Zend db (Adapter y TableGateway),Zend Input Filter,Zend Form.,Zend Translate,Routes,Zend\I18n, Mail, Fieldset,...

I used GIT control version and private repository Bitbucket, I used several commands as git remote git push, git pull, config -- , git merge, git fetch, git clone, git reset, use differents branches and merge different status of project.

I used Linux Centos Server serveral commands as cp, ls, mv, ssh-keygen, ssh-add, editors vi and nano, chmod (octal), cat...

  • Contact person: Walter Ribas
  • Phone Number: (93) 568 80 59
  • Website Contact: http://www.dynam-iq.com/

Iniciatives Arno S.L

Web Developer
2005 - 2008

I made several websites frontend,backend and other projects in php technology,php5,apache,linux,css,html,mysql,javascript, jquery

  • Contact person: Ramón
  • General Director
  • Phone number: (93) 418 93 77


Web Developer
2002 - 2004

I made several websites frontend,backends and applications. I used php 5.0, oriented object programming, linux, csv tortoise, apache, css,mysql,javascript,jquery

  • Contact person: Sergi and Oscar
  • General Director
  • Website Contact: http://www.arista.es/


Fp2 Informática Gestión

Centre Calassanç
1994 - 1999
I studied during five years in a Calassanç Centre as a Technical in Computers and start to programming with different languages as Pascal, Cobol, Html, Javascript, Visual Basic .... Methodology and algorithmic techniques.

Grau Multimedia UPC

Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya
1999 - 2004
I studied during four years in a University Polytechnic of Catalonia (UPC) as Multimedia Grade. My skills was web programming languages as php,javascript,jquery, mysql database and user interaction.

Ingeniería Informática

2007 - Not Finished
I started to study Engineer Computer Science during one year studying assignatures as mathematics,physics and others.

Language Courses

Italian Course

Insituto italiano di Cultura di Barcelona
2011 - 2012
I studied italian during one year, I be able to talk with other people in Italian language and keep a conversation with them.

English Course

Institut Nord Americá (IEN)
2012 - 2014
I studied english during two years, I be able to talk with other people in English language and keep a conversation with them. Express me in english and thinking in english. Friends of mine are from London, Czech Republic, Bulgary and Americans then I should to express me and talk with them in english because it's the only way to do it.

French Course

Institut Française
2014 - 2015 And in EGB
When I was a child I studied french in my school during eight years in a E.G.B

IT Courses

Oracle Course

New Horitzonts
2011 - 2012
I studied an Oracle Course to get Oracle Certification, I practiced sql procedures, several queries and tuning database

Professional Skills

Top Skills


Php programming

Expert, more than 4 years
Expert php programmer, oriented object models, open source projects as mrbs reservation system, cms as wordpress and prestashop, zend framework 2.

Mysql Database

Expert, more than 4 years
Advanced knowledge about mysql system. I made advanced queries as cross join, left join, right join, subselects, migration database, dump database, create table, add columns, all kind of data, etc.

User Interaction

Expert, more than 4 years
Advanced knowledge about Html 5, Bootstrap (mobile), css3, javascript, jquery I made several applications using html 5 objects, to see in mobile thanks to Bootstrap, using last technologies in css3 as transitions and animations, using scripts in javascript to make objects,json objects, DOM and jquery to simplify the work and made some plugins.

Linux System

Medium Level, more than 2 years
Installation linux, install software as php, apache, libraries using apt-get, compilation software by make, process, normal commands as cp, ls, mv, chmod, chown, ps, sudo, kill, ln, mount, unmount, find, tar, zip, unzip, service.

Other Skills

HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap Javascript Javascript Objects Jquery Jquery Plugins
PHP7 OOP Prestashop Wordpress Git MySQL
Linux Json CSV


Portfolio Noves Idees ADR

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Get in Touch

I'm currently working at noves idees ADR as freelance in its office for a more one year. My skills are a co-cto as full stack developer working with php native, oop design patterns, wordpress cms, prestashop cms, zend framework 2, javascript, jquery, css3, html5, bootstrap, mysql. I'm looking for a offer with work contract and eight hours per day.

I can help with the following:

  • Php development oop design patterns, composer, psr nomenclature, php 7
  • Cms Wordpress, Prestashop cms, Zend Framework 2
  • Front end Jquery, javascript, Html5, Css3, Bootstrap
  • Database Mysql
  • S.O Linux Ubuntu

Drop me a line at davidberruezo@davidberruezo.com or call me at 615231533